Release Notes - JBoss ESB - Version 4.2.1 TP1 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [JBESB-1700] - race condition in


  • [JBESB-1385] - Upgrade Smooks to version 1.0
  • [JBESB-1585] - Merge https (jbr server and HttpRouter) code from the "tfennelly_https" workspace
  • [JBESB-1589] - Unify Notifier property substitution with ObjectMapper
  • [JBESB-1598] - Provide support for SFTP/FTPS
  • [JBESB-1612] - SFTP does not use passive mode option
  • [JBESB-1672] - Merge all CP2_2 changes over to FP
  • [JBESB-1680] - Make sure the official Smooks v1.0 jars are in the product before we release

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