Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 2.0.0.GA (Boon) - Text format

Feature Request

  • [JBREM-564] - Default client socket factory configured by a system property
  • [JBREM-575] - local client invoker should convert itself to remote client invoker when being serialized


  • [JBREM-568] - SSLSocketBuilderMBean does not have matching getter/setter attribute types
  • [JBREM-569] - HTTP(S) proxy broken
  • [JBREM-576] - deadlock with socket invoker
  • [JBREM-579] - transporter does not handle reflection conversion for primitive types
  • [JBREM-580] - detection can not be used with ssl based transports
  • [JBREM-586] - socket client invoker connection pooling not bounded
  • [JBREM-590] - SSL client socket invoker does not use configuration map for SSLSocketBuilder


  • [JBREM-570] - Change log in ConnectionValidator to be debug instead of warn when not able to ping server
  • [JBREM-571] - fix/cleanup doc
  • [JBREM-574] - Write SSL info for virtual sockets and server sockets in toString()
  • [JBREM-578] - add spring remoting to performance benchmark tests
  • [JBREM-582] - remove System.out.println and printStackTrace calls
  • [JBREM-583] - Fix ConcurrentModificationException in MultiplexingManager.notifySocketsOfException()
  • [JBREM-584] - Get org.jboss.test.remoting.performance.spring.rmi.SpringRMIPerformanceTestCase to run with multiple clients and callback handlers
  • [JBREM-587] - ClientConfigurationCallbackConnectorTestCase(jboss_serialization) failure.
  • [JBREM-593] - Synchronize client and server in org.jboss.test.remoting.transport.multiplex.LateClientShutdownTestCase


  • [JBREM-572] - Chapter 8 and 9 are the same
  • [JBREM-573] - release notes mentions Client.destroy() must be called, but should be Client.disconnect() as there is no destroy() method in Client
  • [JBREM-588] - Fix multiplex performance tests.
  • [JBREM-589] - Fix raw_socket performance tests.
  • [JBREM-592] - Get spring-rmi performance tests to run with large numbers of clients.

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