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Feature Request

  • [EJBTHREE-212] - Support servlet injection
  • [EJBTHREE-323] - @Service + @Management doesn't work in embeddable environment
  • [EJBTHREE-436] - partition name should not be part of the @clustered annotation
  • [EJBTHREE-613] - Support for getTimerService in ServiceContainer for MBeans
  • [EJBTHREE-619] - Build EJB Timer Service on top of Quartz
  • [EJBTHREE-678] - RemoteBinding annotation doesn't use the default client binding of the remoting
  • [EJBTHREE-679] - Configurable default naming conventions for ejb3 jndi bindings
  • [EJBTHREE-695] - support properties service in ejb3


  • [EJBTHREE-400] - Timer transaction warning problem
  • [EJBTHREE-526] - JBoss loses caller principal when calling a @RunAs bean the second time
  • [EJBTHREE-546] - dependency injection not working at @PostActivate
  • [EJBTHREE-561] - cast to SimplePrincipal causes ClassCastException with custom principal
  • [EJBTHREE-566] - error deploying MDB in embedded
  • [EJBTHREE-570] - DLQ fails when JMSMessage has properties with null values.
  • [EJBTHREE-587] - @Resource dependency injection broken in @Service POJOs
  • [EJBTHREE-598] - MDB injection in embedded not working
  • [EJBTHREE-603] - Passivation failure for nested session bean
  • [EJBTHREE-606] - lifecycle methods not called for embedded Service beans
  • [EJBTHREE-612] - Nested bean during repeated failover throw NPE
  • [EJBTHREE-620] - Spec for @EJB calls for beanInterface not businessInterface
  • [EJBTHREE-625] - Embeddable EJB3 sets up two copies of interceptor declared in ejb-jar.xml
  • [EJBTHREE-626] - Error while booting EJB3StandaloneBootstrap if config file are in another folder than root
  • [EJBTHREE-628] - Redeployment doesn't work with E-EJB3
  • [EJBTHREE-634] - Un-synchronized HashMap put
  • [EJBTHREE-650] - javax.ejb.SessionContext.getInvokedBusinessInterface() has wrong return type
  • [EJBTHREE-653] - No pooling for stateless session beans
  • [EJBTHREE-654] - remove hard coding of TransactionManager
  • [EJBTHREE-658] - @Resources at class level does not create correct local jndi binding
  • [EJBTHREE-659] - SFSB throws exception with second passivation
  • [EJBTHREE-660] - Nested sfsb passivation notification is incorrect
  • [EJBTHREE-662] - sfsb bean remove is not properly done
  • [EJBTHREE-666] - Throw javax.ejb.ConcurrentAccessException when two threads access the same SFSB instance
  • [EJBTHREE-677] - EJB3 deployments should be bound with rebind instead of bind
  • [EJBTHREE-685] - Transactions not handled properly on methods from templated business interface


  • [EJBTHREE-500] - Use JBossCache passivation feature for clustered ejb3 SFSB
  • [EJBTHREE-524] - implement <unauthenticated-principal> in jboss.xml
  • [EJBTHREE-538] - implement @Cache, @CacheConfig, @PoolClass in jboss.xml
  • [EJBTHREE-569] - implement <cluster> and <cluster-config> in jboss.xml
  • [EJBTHREE-571] - implement jboss.xml equilavent to @RemoteBinding(clientBindUrl="...")
  • [EJBTHREE-576] - Added test case to validate extended persistence context under clustering
  • [EJBTHREE-578] - test @SerializedConcurrentAccess and create xml override
  • [EJBTHREE-586] - implement @JndiInject xml override
  • [EJBTHREE-588] - Refactor EJB3 MetaModel and create web.xml/jboss-web.xml metamodel
  • [EJBTHREE-589] - Make MDBs purely RAR based
  • [EJBTHREE-629] - default remote binding not read for @Service beans
  • [EJBTHREE-630] - EJB timers not persisted upon undeployment
  • [EJBTHREE-632] - complete invoker test
  • [EJBTHREE-667] - IIOP binding
  • [EJBTHREE-674] - replace individual jboss.xml annotation elements with generic <annotation> element
  • [EJBTHREE-683] - merge ServiceServer into KernelAbstraction


  • [EJBTHREE-579] - Data eviction is not done correctly under JBC framework
  • [EJBTHREE-580] - Test out failover passivation under JBC

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