Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 1.4.0 final - Text format

Feature Request

  • [JBREM-91] - UIL2 type transport (duplex calling of same socket)
  • [JBREM-117] - clean up callback client after several failures delivering callbacks
  • [JBREM-138] - HTTP/Servlet invokers require content length to be set
  • [JBREM-229] - Remove dependency on ThreadLocal for SerializationManagers and pluggable serialization
  • [JBREM-233] - Server side exception listeners for client connections
  • [JBREM-257] - Append client stack trace to thrown remote exception
  • [JBREM-261] - Integration with IMarshalledValue from JBossCommons
  • [JBREM-278] - remoting detection needs ability to accept detection of server invoker running locally
  • [JBREM-280] - no way to add path to invoker uri when using complex configuration


  • [JBREM-41] - problem using localhost/
  • [JBREM-115] - http server invoker does not wait to finish processing on stop
  • [JBREM-223] - Broken Pipe if client don't do any calls before the timeout value
  • [JBREM-224] - when socket timeout on the keep alive
  • [JBREM-231] - bug in invoker locator when there are no params (NPE)
  • [JBREM-234] - StreamCorruptedException in DTM testcase
  • [JBREM-240] - TestUtil does not always give free port for server
  • [JBREM-243] - socket client invoker sharing pooled connections
  • [JBREM-250] - InvokerLocator doesn't support URL in IPv6 format (ex: socket://3000::117:5400/)
  • [JBREM-251] - transporter passes method signature based on concrete object and not the parameter type
  • [JBREM-256] - NullPointer in
  • [JBREM-259] - Unmarshalling of server response is not using caller's classloader
  • [JBREM-271] - http client invoker needs to explicitly set the content type if not provided
  • [JBREM-277] - error shutting down coyote invoker when using APR protocol
  • [JBREM-281] - getting random port for connectors is not reliable
  • [JBREM-282] - ServletServerInvoker not working with depployed for use as ejb invoker
  • [JBREM-286] - Socket server does not clean up server threads on shutdown
  • [JBREM-289] - PortUtil only checking for free ports on localhost


  • [JBREM-7] - Add more tests for local invoker
  • [JBREM-121] - improve connection failure callback
  • [JBREM-126] - add tests for client vs. server address bindings
  • [JBREM-195] - Performance optimization
  • [JBREM-199] - remoting clients required to include servlet-api.jar
  • [JBREM-207] - clean up build file
  • [JBREM-214] - multiplex performance tests getting out of memory error
  • [JBREM-215] - re-write http transport/handler documentation
  • [JBREM-216] - Need to add new samples to example build in distro
  • [JBREM-217] - create samples documentation
  • [JBREM-219] - move remoting site to jboss labs
  • [JBREM-226] - Release JBoss Remoting 1.4.0 final
  • [JBREM-230] - create interface for marshallers to implement for swapping out serialization impl
  • [JBREM-235] - add new header to source files
  • [JBREM-239] - Update the LGPL headers
  • [JBREM-241] - Refactor SocketServerInvoker so that can be subclassed by MultiplexServerInvoker
  • [JBREM-242] - Subclass multiplex invoker from socket invoker.
  • [JBREM-249] - http invoker (tomcat connector) documentation
  • [JBREM-253] - Convert http server invoker implementation to use tomcat connector and protocols
  • [JBREM-255] - HTTPClientInvoker not setting response code or message
  • [JBREM-275] - fix package error in examle-service.xml
  • [JBREM-276] - transporter does not throw original exception from server implementation
  • [JBREM-279] - socket server invoker spits out error messages on shutdown when is not needed
  • [JBREM-287] - need to complete javadoc for all user classes/interfaces
  • [JBREM-288] - update example-service.xml with new configurations


  • [JBREM-171] - Complete Socket method overrides
  • [JBREM-209] - Eliminate restriction that Client needs to be started before Connection in setting up callback multiplexing.
  • [JBREM-246] - Eliminate synchronization. across network operations.
  • [JBREM-292] - Multiplex socket group parameters on InvokerLocator shouldn't interfere with InvokerRegistry's ability to use LocalClientInvokers.

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