Release Notes - JBoss Remoting - Version 1.2.1 final - Text format

Feature Request


  • [JBREM-147] - Invalid reuse of target location
  • [JBREM-163] - NPE in Mutlicast Detector
  • [JBREM-164] - HTTP Invoker unable to send large amounts of data
  • [JBREM-176] - Correct inheritance structure for detectors
  • [JBREM-177] - configuration attribute spelled incorrectly in ServerInvokerMBean
  • [JBREM-178] - SocketServerInvoker hanging on Linux
  • [JBREM-179] - socket timeout not being set properly


  • [JBREM-156] - Better exception handling within socket server invoker
  • [JBREM-158] - Clean up test cases
  • [JBREM-162] - add version to the remoting jar

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