Release Notes - JBoss AOP - Version 1.3 - Text format

Feature Request

  • [JBAOP-145] - Changed how JDK 1.4 loadtime transformation in JBoss AS is done
  • [JBAOP-146] - Improved performance in AOPC and loadtime weaving
  • [JBAOP-147] - Better memory management in Loadtime Weaving
  • [JBAOP-148] - Shorten OptimizedMethodInvocation classname


  • [JBAOP-98] - New constructor GenericInterceptorFactory(Class, Element)
  • [JBAOP-108] - JBoss AOP doesn't work with isolated class loaders
  • [JBAOP-121] - Removal of AdviceBindings in runtime fails if aopc is used
  • [JBAOP-124] - Error in FieldAccessTransformer
  • [JBAOP-136] - Authentication should not authorize is run-as identity is set
  • [JBAOP-141] - Bugfix FieldAccessTransformer


  • [JBAOP-68] - JBoss AOP build should use docbook-support


  • [JBAOP-140] - Exception instrumenting methods in project with a lot of classes


  • [JBAOP-127] - Create a mechanism to identify pointcuts associated with bindings

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