Release Notes - EJB 3.0 - Version Preview 4 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [EJBTHREE-67] - NullPointerException when extending entity EJB class
  • [EJBTHREE-68] - EJB3 Preview 3 broke joined-subclasses
  • [EJBTHREE-76] - composite pk class in SQL select as a column name
  • [EJBTHREE-78] - EntityManager/HibernateSessionFactory not bound to enc
  • [EJBTHREE-79] - entity name not being resolved correctly in EntityManager impl
  • [EJBTHREE-80] - javax.ejb.Entity should be moved to javax.persistence package
  • [EJBTHREE-83] - jndi lookup of local SFSB always returns same proxy object (thus old oids)



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