Release Notes - EJB 3.0 - Version Preview 3 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [EJBTHREE-3] - Ejbname is ignored and FQN of classname must be used in queries
  • [EJBTHREE-4] - Is local check not being performed
  • [EJBTHREE-10] - EntityManager needs to be serializable
  • [EJBTHREE-39] - Composite Key field in JoinColumn causes Repeated column in mapping
  • [EJBTHREE-45] - @Inheritance won't work with composite keys
  • [EJBTHREE-61] - Callback annotated methods in a listener should take the bean as parameter



  • [EJBTHREE-38] - EJB3 CVS is incompatible with hibernate3 CVS
  • [EJBTHREE-51] - ProxyFactory's not using Util.rebind

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