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TestLevels common test does not work on Windows


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Affects Version/s: 4.2.3.SP3
    • Fix Version/s: 4.3.0.BETA2
    • Component/s: Testing
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      Windows XP SP2. JRockit 5.0.


      TestLevels.java doesn't run correctly on Windows. It looks as though there could be a few things wrong:

      log4j isn't initialised correctly (though that could be local to my environment).
      (ii) the test doesn't account for the differences in Windows versus Un*x formatting, so for example where there should only be 5 lines of debugging (and are on Un*x), there are 9 on Windows because there are 4 blank lines.
      (iii) the resource bundle TestLevels_en_GB is not picked up, so the regex fails.
      (iv) naming of threads is slightly different on Windows to Un*x

      .line 0 DEBUG [main] (TestLevels.java:89) com.hp.mwtests.commonlogging.testlevels.TestLevels.writeLogMessages(TestLevels.java:89) - [testMessage] This is the 1st message, logged at level debug.

      .line 0 DEBUG [Main Thread] (TestLevels.java:89) com.hp.mwtests.commonlogging.testlevels.TestLevels.writeLogMessages(TestLevels.java:89) - no default resource bundle set for this logger: [key='testMessage']1st, debug,

      I'm using JRockit and am unsure which of the above are due entirely to my setup, but if at least one of them is general it will cause the test to fail on Windows anyway.

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