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Improve the exception thrown by an insecure order by clause



      We have an existing application running Seam 1.2. Today I tried upgrading to Seam 2.0.1.GA. In the process I discovered that the fix for JBSEAM-2099 breaks the application because the application uses lots of query objects with an order clause that sorts on the result of an function, namely UPPER(): order="UPPER(p.lastname)".

      This used to work under 1.2. So this is a regression that probably does affect a lot of real world applications. I have suggested the original fix and have to say it is not done probably. Even my latest version is not the proper way to fix this as it will not allow functions with multiple arguments, nor concatenations of properties, nor computing the order by-value... To fix this properly it definitly takes an EJBQL-Expert greater than me I'm not even sure if there is an SQL-Injection threat here.

      I don't mind implementing an insufficient fix for my special problem myself by extending the Query object and binding that to a custom namespace but I would appreciate if
      a.) the regression would be properly documented, and
      b.) the error message would tell the user what happened and what is necessary to fix it.

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