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Copied rules using a guided DSL in BRMS produce duplicate rule names in built binary packages.


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: drools-4.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: drools-4.0.1
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      I found the following problem when creating rules using the guided rule editor in the BRMS with a DSL. If you use the copy option to copy an existing rule, everything seems okay and a new copy of the rule is created in the package. However, if you build the package and view the package source then any rule that was copied from another rule has the same name as the original rule. Consequently your rule package has rules with the same name and will throw an error when loaded into a rulebase. Note this problem does not appear to occur if you do not use a DSL.

      Here's how to replicate the problem for a clean BRMS install:

      1. Create a new category called test.

      2. In the defaultPackage create a new DSL called test as shown below:


      3. Save the test DSL

      4. Create a new Business Rule in the defaultPackage called test1 with category test and using the guided rule editor.

      5 Add a when expression using the DSL sentence "true" and add a then action using the DSL sentence "report". In the rule option, add the dialect attribute and set it to "java".

      6. Save rule test1.

      7. Click on the Copy tab to copy test1. Name the new rule test2. You will see a dialog that confirms the creation of rule test2.

      8. Open rule test2 from the rule browser and it seems okay and has the name test2 (minor funny is that test2 has version 2, whereas test1 only has version 1).

      9. Select the package option on the left of the BRMS and select the defaultPackage so that you see the "Build, Validate and Deploy" option. Select this and build the package.

      10 Now click on the Show Package Source button and you will see two rules both named test1 (as shown below) instead of two rules named test1 and test2 as expected. This package is incorrect, even though the rules in the BRMS seem to correctly have names test1 and test2. I can confirm that trying to load the exported binary package into a rulebase cause an error to be reported (so it's not just a bug in the show package source code, but in the generated binary as well).

      package defaultPackage

      rule "test1"
      dialect "java"

      rule "test1"
      dialect "java"


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