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'Page layout' in admin portal works only for users called "admin"



      In 'page layout' of the admin tool, portlet instances are only listed for the original admin user (i.e. callded 'admin', in role 'admin'). For other admin users, this list stays empty.

      How to reproduce:

      1) build JBoss_Portal_Branch_2_6, deploy the portal, identity and admin
      2) log in as admin
      3) create a new role called newadminrole
      4) create a new user called newadmin, add him only to the newadminrole (no other roles)
      5) give access to the admin portal to newadmin
      6) give access to the adminportlet instance to newadmin
      7) log out, log in as newadmin
      8) go to the 'page layout' page of the default page
      9) verify that no portlet instances are listed

      Some notes:

      • if you log in as admin, the portlet instances are listed
      • if you install cms or google widgets, lists of files appear for those

      Unless I forgot to set some specific permissions, this suspiciously looks like a bug.

      See JBPORTAL-1646 and JBPORTAL-1740 for similar, but not identic bugs.

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