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LoadBalancePolicy that tries to pin all requests associated with a tx to one server




      The HA proxies don't allow failover once a tx has reached a server. This can lead to this kind of situation:

      EJB A deployed on nodes 1 and 2.
      EJB B deployed on nodes 1 and 2.

      1) Start tx, invoke on A.1.
      2) Lookup B.
      3) Invoke on B. LB policy picks B.2
      4) Node 2 is dead for some reason so call fails.
      5) Can't fail over because tx context won't allow a failover after a call has reached a server.

      But, B.1 is fine and is running on the only node the tx has invoked on.

      Approach to improving this. This is based on JRMPInovkerProxyHA methods, but the idea is generic:

      In invocationHasReachedAServer, instead of storing null as the value, you store the target (key is the tx).
      In invoke, if there's a tx, you add that target (if there is one) to the invocation as transient metadata
      The LB policy gets passed the invocation as an arg when it chooses a target (this is already in the API)
      LB policy checks for the metadata. If there, and that target is in its target list, return that target

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