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Fully automated process deployment



      The current process deployment procedure has many moving pieces, hence it has became tedious and error-prone. The tasks incorporated by this issue will enable users to deploy a BPEL process (and its related WSDL definitions) with no further requirements for additional descriptors or resources.

      The intent is not to create a new procedure, but to simplify the existing one with the aid of generation tools. A second design objective is the ability to selectively provide descriptors and resources in order to have fine control over specific portions of the deployment. For example, you might want to specify the URL pattern used by your endpoints. You will be able to provide a custom web.xml file containing the URL patters you want, and let jBPM BPEL generate the rest of the artifacts for you.

      The original goal of the new deployment model was integration with the Eclipse BPEL designer. Along the way, it became clear that the simplified deployment procedure could be made independent of the client software used to initiate it. The client could be an Ant build, a web page or the Eclipse designer. Nevertheless, the development of an adapter for each client is the topic of a separate issue.

      Ant build: BPEL-281
      Web page: BPEL-283
      Eclipse designer: BPEL-285

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